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How "The Rack On That" was born


One fine day, January 2, 2015 to be precise, my wife and I were heading downtown to attend an event. We were driving along in traffic behind one of these cars. Our attention was drawn to it no doubt due to the Cheeze-Whiz orange color. As we came to a stop right behind it at a red light we noticed how it appeared to be a car that was "ruggedized", similar to how some laptop computers are outfitted. Tough rubber corners, re-enforcement ridges for added strength, and that curious looking set of top racks.

We were discussing all the possible reasons for that particular design of the racks - to keep from scratching the car if it were to roll over on it's roof - to hang it up in the garage when not in use to maximize floor space, etc. My wife decided the real reason the designers chose to build the car like that was so owners could say to their friends, "Hey, check out the Rack On That!"

After we were through laughing at her funny joke, that is when we came up with the idea to create a website that features and showcases all different types of racks - all except for the one type that most people think of when someone shouts,

The Subaru Crosstrek in Cheeze-Whiz Orange - the inspiration behind "The Rack On That" dot COM

"Did you see the rack on that:?" or "Check out the rack on that one!"

Our sincere apologies go out to any of you that were disappointed upon entering our website however, we think you will agree that there is no shortage of websites that feature that one type of rack that isn't featured here.

Our mission is to cover all the rest!



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