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Musical Equipment Racks


This may well be one of those instances where "size does matter" - at least to some gearhead musicians.  Let's take a look at what some of them are up to.

Standard equipment racks accommodate equipment that measures 19" in width. The Height of the rack is described as "U" for how many single units it can hold. Some equipment occupies more than one "U" of space such as in this example - the lower device is a "2 U" device, while the upper is a "1 U". (Above) This is what is known as a "shock mounted" rack. The inside section is mounted to the outside cabinet using some sort of flexible material. This is to minimize the amount of jolts and vibration being transmitted to the gear in the rack during loading, unloading, set up, and transportation. (Above)
This is one of many custom models. (Below) A portable "4 U" model. This is the most common type today.  It is made of a tough molded plastic with extruded aluminum hardware and has latching front and rear covers with built-in carry handles on each side. (Below)
These racks are designed for much heavier units than the signal processors featured in the racks so far. These are being used to house "power amplifiers". All these do is take a line level signal and turn it into a signal powerful enough to deafen an entire generation, provided they are connected to the right speakers. (Above) Um, they are getting bigger..... and bigger..... (Above)  
Oh yeah! Only in America BABY! Every type of stinking signal processor conceivable to humankind! Well, all except the one that is missing. By the time they are through running their sound through all of these, they will need a "normalizer" to turn it back into actual sound! (Above)    

Warehouse Racks


Not the most glamorous things in the world, but they still deserve to make it onto our pages here at The Rack - after all, what is more qualified than these?

Simple, utilitarian. (Above) Simple, utilitarian - in action. (Above)  
Here we can see the physics of how a warehouse rack is designed to work. Most of us envision the wares in the house sitting on platforms between those beams, but then they would be Warehouse Shelves, and shelves do not have a place on our site. (Below) Warehouse racks are designed to support wares that are on warehouse pallets, or "palletized" to use the correct jargon This makes it possible to retrieve the wares using a forklift. (Below)  
That's a mighty nice rack! (Above) Just like anything else built by humankind, it can also fail if not utilized properly. (Above)  
Tsk tsk...... What a mess! (Above)    

Automotive Parking Racks


It seems that over-crowding issues extend beyond those of just people. Now we even have to stack cars like sardines in a can in order to fit them all in.

What's next, a restaurant where the tables are situated one above the other instead of next to each other? (Above) Don't forget and leave your wallet in the center console - it could end up being a major production to go back and grab it. (Above)  
They look so lonely up there. (Below) No, this is not some work of abstract modern art. It is actually an automated robotic parking system. (Below)  
This is becoming more and more popular as our over-crowding continues to grow, along with the minimum wage increasing. Now it is becoming less expensive to invest in this monstrosity up front, and not pay people to park and retrieve cars. (Above) This photo shows that the rack mounted parking of automobiles is not just a 21st century concept. (Above)  
Uh, you missed guys! (Above)    

Antler Racks


We would be remiss in our duties if we failed to feature this category on The Rack. Perhaps the second most common meaning most of us jump to when we hear the word "rack".

"Hey, did you see the rack on that one"? (Above) Just another rack. (Above)  
For whatever reason, humans seem to collect and horde just about anything, included the leftover racks from their spoils of hunting. (Below) The rightful owner proudly displaying his rack. (Below)  
Another proud owner of a really nice, large rack. (Above) Many people will take it a step further and decorate their racks. (Above)  
And even go so far as to fit it with inlays. (Below) Or they go all out such is this example...... (Below)  
Then when that isn't enough, they make something else out of their racks. (Above)    
Moose racks seem to be a passion unto themselves for those who love and collect them. (Below) And are also proudly displayed by their rightful owners. (Below)  
Show off! (Above) And they also get turned into things other than what they really are. (Above)  
And when humans are involved, things will often get carried away. (Above) Hood Rack?. (Above)  

Rack of Lamb


While lambs don't have racks of antlers on their heads, they do have racks. We call their ribs not Ribs, but simply, Rack of Lamb.


Rack of Lamb typically looks like this when purchased from your butcher. (Above) A very typical presentation for Rack of Lamb. (Above)  
Most often they are trimmed as so prior to cooking. (Below) But they may also be presented in a number of other ways. (Below)
Some prefer them grilled....... (Above) While others stick to old-school roasted. (Above)
Grilled in smaller sections for added grilled flavor...... (Below) And even all cut up to the point you can't tell what you are eating! (Below)  
Or the alternative "Crowned" presentation if you prefer...... (Above)    



Cat Racks


Cat Racks? Well, yes. Come on in, take off your coat, hang your cat and stay awhile!


A cat themed key rack. (Above)

Cat Rack, for hanging your cats......... (Above)
Another cat themed key rack. (Below) And yet another cat themed key rack! (Below)
A cat themed coat rack. (Above) A cat in a server rack. (Above)
A baker's rack full of cats. (Below) A cat on a clothes drying rack. (Below)  
A cat on a towel rack. (Above) A cat on a hat rack. (Above)  
Ar cat still on a clothes rack. (Below) Rack of Kitten. (Below)  
A cat in an Electronic Equipment rack. (Above) A cat being dried on a clothes drying rack. (Above)  
A cat themed wine rack. (Below) A cat on a wine rack. (Below)  
A cat on a linen rack. (Above) A cat on a dish rack. (Above)  
Stack of cats in a stacked cat rack. (Below) A cat on a vegitable rack. (Below)  
Cats on a hot tin roof. (Above) A cat themed napkin rack. (Above)  
A kitten on a CD/DVD rack. (Below) A cat themed key/hat rack in action! (Below)  
A cat on a Postcard Rack! (Above)    

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