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Billiard Racks


You've got racks for holding the sticks, racks for holding the balls, and racks for setting up the balls to play. A three-for-all in this department!

The most common frame or "rack" is the molded plastic version. (Above) Another variant is the diamond shaped rack. This is used for specialty games like 9-Ball. (Above)
At the other extreme is the all metal indestructible model. (Below) Here's one that does it all.... just in case you have room for a pool table, but don't have room for more than one rack. (Below)
A decorative version - Triangular rack that has been converted into a billiard-themed clock. (Above) Just to be different. (Above)  
Only in America BABY! Every type of ball rack conceivable to humankind! (Above)    

Now for the sticks........

We've all seen them in Billiard Halls - mounts to the wall, holds the sticks. (Above) Designed to sit on the floor, but be located tucked away in the corner. (Above)  
Or they can be free standing and located anywhere. (Below) Or be its very own piece of furniture. (Below)  
Tastefully disguised as something other than a pool cue rack. (Above) Or cleverly incorporated into the very device it is designed to serve! (Above)  
Combined with other hobbies to consolidate space. (Below) Or based around a favorite theme - to tie the game of Billiards to some other well loved thing. (Below)  
And when all else fails, an incorporated mirror for checking your "Game Face" while selecting your weapon of choice!    

Magazine Racks


Perhaps already well on its way to obsolescence, it still deserves to be visited here on The Rack.

Simple as can be. Sits there, holds magazines. (Above) Hmmm. I need to put this magazine somewhere, but not set it down. (Above)  
Ok, still sits there, still holds magazines, but also sheds cardboard dust and attracts all cats in the area to come scratch it. (Below) Hmmm. I need to put this magazine somewhere, not set it down, but not hang it by the delicate spine as that might damage its structural integrity. (Below)  
Holds your magazines rolled up so no one can tell which magazines they are. (Above) Modern, contemporary...... Oh let's face it. It's weird! (Above)  
Just in case you didn't know what might be in there, the initial for Magazine. (Below) If you like fashion that is derived from a toilet tank, this one is for you! (Below)  
Fido has you covered. He has selected and is presenting you with just what you want to read right now..... don't mind the doggy slobber..... (Above) "I sentence you to death - to be hanged by the neck until dead!" Couldn't they just have re-cycled them? (Above)  
Most likely the smartest thing we have ever seen. Ever. (Below) Obsessive. (Below)  
Minimalistic. (Above) Obsessive/Compulsive. (Above)  
And when a niche fad to bring back the printed magazine hits the next generation, we can achieve the same concept using old smart tablets and iPads! (Above)    

Spice Racks


Almost everyone has, or has in the past had, a spice rack of one sort or another. Here we showcase just a few of the offerings the world has come up with so far.

So typical it's cliche, the wall-mounted wooden spice rack. (Above) Counter-top carousel of revolving spice. (Above)  
Counter-top wire stand for holding generic shaped spice bottles. (Below) A counter-top rolodex of spice. (Below)  
A wall-mounted contraption of chrome and glass for the modern kitchen. (Above) Just in case you forget what that very specialized rack is for, it has the word right on it. (Above)  
And a stand to hold test tubes of spice - for the mad food-scientist at work. (Below) And speaking of science...... (Below)  
Minimalism at it's best. Functional too! (Above) One step up from the one to the left. (Above)  
Concealed safely away to guard against the spice bandits that roam all urban American neighborhoods in search of the perfect, exotic spice to steal. (Below) Just to be sure you have what all you need before you get started on that favorite dish. (Below)  
Just don't forget you left it pulled out and take off toward the other side of the kitchen! (Above) Let's play, Guess - That - SPICE! (Above)  
For the cook that can't be bothered to leave the stove long enough to grab the next spice. (Above)    

Rib Racks


There are racks of ribs, and racks for cooking multiple racks of ribs at the same time. We will visit both.


First the food........

Some prefer theirs with the sauce slathered on after cooking. (Above) Slathered on. (Above)
While others believe that the sauce should be applied during cooking to become a glaze on the finished rack. (Below) Cooked on. (Below)
Then there are pork Spare Ribs. Meatier and leaner than Baby Backs, some prefer them although they are less expensive. (Above) The nearly-impossible-to-cook-properly Beef Rib. (Above)  
And by removing the "flap" and "Sternum" sections, they are converted into St. Louis Style Spare Ribs. In other words, Poor-man's Baby Backs. (Below) But when cooked properly, one of the best things you will ever eat from the BBQ world. (Below)  

Now the cooking racks........

Inexpensive and functional. (Above) Rib rack loaded with racks of ribs. (Above)  
More expensive and sturdier. You get what you pay for. (Below) Loaded racks in action. (Below)  
Inventive, space saving innovation - perfectly suited for the round type of grill or smoker. (Above)    

Shoe Racks


This may be one of the most underrated categories in the world of racks. There are so many different ideas that it would be impossible to showcase them all even if we took over the entire internet from the rest of the planet and devoted it to just this one subject. We will explore several here before moving on.


So simple it hurts. In fact, so simple what does it actually accomplish? (Above)

Oh thank goodness! Those three pair of shoes were just driving us crazy sitting on the floor like that. So much better now that they are sitting on the wall instead......... (Above)  
Ok, at least it hides them. But why do they need to be hidden in the first place? (Below) Now we're talking! Let's showcase the LEAST attractive part of an already un-attractive accessory! (Below)  
Eclectic. 'Nough said. (Above) Ah.... We were wondering when someone would finally be able to can that smell! (Above)  
Just need to figure out how to keep the Bees out of the Shoes. (Below) It's time to play............ Wheel - Of - SHOES! (Below)  
Again with the shoes on the wall fetish. Seems like it would scuff the toes, no? (Above) If shoes always come in pairs, how does this design make any sense? (Above)  
And here comes the OCD........ (Below) And the greediness........ (Below)  
And the excessiveness........ (Above) And the way-over-doing-it-ness........ (Above)  
We're pretty sure there is a 12 step program for this........ if not, someone has the perfect opportunity to start one! (Above)    

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