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Come on - Let's get started checking out some racks!


At the top of our list...............


Bicycle Storage Racks


Perhaps one of the most common types of racks we all encounter is the bike rack for parking and locking our bikes.

A typical and simple bicycle rack. (Above) Another very typical bike rack (Above)
As compared to a very complex and unique bicycle rack. (Below) As compared to someone's new-fangled idea of how to change it up again (Below)
Again, simple yet functional design (Above) Simple/functional (Above)  
As compared to this strange and funky concept (Below) Modern/funkified (Below)  
And then you have the bike rack for the best groomed bicycles on the planet! (Above)    

Bicycle Transport Racks


Now we visit the "bike rack" that is designed not for parking and securing our bike, but rather for transporting our bike using another vehicle for the purpose. Their design spans the entire range from absurdly simple to simply absurd.

Doesn't get much simpler than this (Above) Or this (Above)  
This one is a bit more complex, but for a good functional reason. You can still open the
back of your car! (Below)
Hey, shouldn't that be an old vintage Schwinn and a Huffy up there? (Below)  
And as promised, so absurdly simple it's simply absurd! (Above) And even if the bicycles outweigh the car hauling them, we've got you covered! (Above)  

Wine Racks


Another common type of rack we encounter is the wine rack. As with anything designed by humans, they come in a wide variety of styles.

Simple, elegant, compact - for the one who is a firm believer in less is more (Above) A wine shaped wine rack. Well, why not? (Above)  
Getting a little bit more unique (Below) So why not a wine barrel shaped wine rack? (Below)  
Do the inverted bottles above feed the plumbing below? We may never know (Above) It's time to play............ Wheel - Of - WINE! (Above)  
This not the kind of coffee table you want to leave your coffee table books on (Below) It worries us - not sure why, it just does (Below)  
Compensation issues? (Above) Don't even know. Really don't. (Above)  
And now, "Say hello to my little friend!" (Above)    

Clothes Racks


Racks for storing your clothes prior to donning and wearing. Yes, humans are involved here too, so keep your clothes on........

Utilitarian clothes rack (Above) Now this is quite clever, it doesn't even need a wall to be mounted on (Above)  
Not so utilitarian clothes rack, but doesn't it look oh-so keen? (Below) Nor does this one, but really? Is this completely necessary? Cast Iron wheels? (Below)  

Fairly simple yet functional (Above)

Appears to be a good, solid design (Above)  
Fairly absurd and un-necessary (Below) As opposed to this frilly, top-heavy, ornate, and very limited one (Below)  

Clothes Rack for Drying


Yes, we in the human race even need to have special racks for DRYING our clothes. We can't just find a nice spot to lay them out to dry?

Seems simple enough (Above) Again, pretty simple (Above)
But built into/onto a wall? (Below) As compared to this eight-wheeled family nightmare machine. Couldn't they just have used the ol' unwanted and unused exercise bike/treadmill to do the same thing? (Below)
Really? Why? Just WHY? (Above)    

Dish Racks


It seems there might just be a rack for every purpose known to man. Let's have a look at some special-purpose designs for our dishes.

As always here at The Rack, we start out simple and work our way up. (Above) Simple, yet with a nice touch of modern. (Above)  
Here we have what appears to be a combination dish rack and bread slicer? (Below) And when you aren't drying your dishes, you can slap an "Open House" sign on it and put it in your front yard. (Below)  
A place for everything, and everything in it's place. OCD anyone? (Above) Just watch out for the aphids and chinche bugs crawling on your clean dishes...... (Above)  
Confused between dish rack and clothes rack from the previous section. (Below) Does it count as going evironmentally green if the grass is fake? (Below)  
Foo-foo shi-shi is our only way to describe this jewel. (Above) It's ok... if you don't have a dish rack already, just go get the log grate from the fireplace. It will do the job just fine! Above)  
Like a bridge, over troubled..... Uh, counter space? (Below) Little baby dish rack. (Below)  
And if you can't decide, just make the whole darned kitchen one big dish rack and call it a job well done! (Above)    

But wait, There's more!


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